Semb Gård (farm) in the small village of Biri dates back to 1335 and is situated 200 km north of Oslo. Arts, crafts and weaving have always been present here, so when Klare Schee started to use straw in her tapetstries, she was taking those ancestral traditions a step futher. The first straw wallcovering was made from Christmas sheaves and was used to cover the walls in the dining room at the farm. Mrs. Schee was very pleased and thought the brilliance and structure of the wallcovering  was quite extraordinary. In order to hear what other people thought  about it, she invited to a party. Among the guests there where two well-known Norwegian architects, and they were so excited about it that they dicided to use the wallcovering for a project in Oslo City Hall. Mrs. Schee personally brought the wallcovering rolls with her on the train to Oslo, where she hired an errand boy with a handcart and brought the rolls from the central railway station to the City Hall.