How to mount


The wallpaper is easy to install. The roll is placed on its side, and the wallpaper roll horizontally on the wall.

Staple the wallpaper directly onto the wall where this is possible. On masonry/concrete backgrounds, use wallpaper-glue for wet rooms.

If possible, remove all skirtings and facings before fitting the wallpaper. Where stapling is possible, use a staple gun with 6.8 mm stainless steel staples in the corners, along the floor, and around doors and windows. If covering large areas, establish some staples in the middle of the wall to prevent the wallpaper from bulging. 

In areas where using a staple gun is not possible, apply wallpaper paste for wet rooms using a rough trowel or a roller on the wall. Let the glue dry for 15-30 minutes (depending on the room temperature). Roll the wallpaper onto the wall.

Please contact us for more detailed instructions if needed.

Instructions - how to join to pieces of wallpaper together

Example: Over a window

Pull out some straws and threads at the ends of the pieces that are to be joined together. Apply a thin layer of wallpaper paste at the end of the piece that runs from the ceiling to the floor, so that it sticks to the wall. Fold the warp thread onto the back of the smaller piece that is to be tiled over the window. Align this piece with the big piece running from ceiling to floor. Staple some staples (6 mm) horizontally over the joint. These staples can be removed after the glue has dried (12-15 hours). The result is a completely invisible seam.